About me

Space is limitless room for all kind of planets. As a kid, I got my first telescope for 10th birthday from my grandfather. This was a huge step forward for me in checking the »Cosmo« through the window of my room on the 1st floor of our house.

Maybe this is the reason that I love so much to do inside and outside of the house. Of course, it’s not all about the work. I also love to play with my kids. But in calm days, I love to relax on porch swinging in a chair, thinking of many things and sipping a coffee.

I really love everything about to save the environment. So it’s no secret, that I take care of my garden behind the house. I use only organic fertilizers. Compost is something that is near the garden from the beginning. In short, I really want to be »eco-friendly«.

This is the reason of the name of this website of mine. Cosmo saver is actually me. Even if I’m only one man, I believe that this is the beginning to better future.

As I always like to make fun with my friends and say: » If you think that you are too small to achieve something alone, think about the mosquito in your room.«
So be friendly to our Mother nature and we will live here for a long time among all the beauty she gives and share to us.